World's 10 Cheapest Cities To Live In 2023

With a relatively low cost of living, Damascus offers affordable essentials and services, allowing residents to enjoy the city's historical charm without straining their budgets.

Damascus, Syria

Tehran has some of the most affordable living circumstances of any city; reasonable markets, reasonably priced public transit, and reasonably priced dining alternatives all contribute to a fair way of life for its citizens.

Tehran, Iran

Tripoli is a cost-effective city that offers reasonable lodging, basic utilities, and easily accessible local markets, giving its citizens a reasonably cheap level of living.

Tripoli, Libya

Karachi, a city well-known for its affordability, offers affordable housing, cheap street cuisine, and a variety of cost-effective activities to suit the needs of those looking to live frugally.

Karachi, Pakistan

Reasonably priced groceries, accessible entertainment opportunities, and inexpensive public transit all contribute to Tashkent's reputation as a budget-friendly city, making it an economical alternative for its citizens.

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Lusaka is an economical city due to its comparatively low cost of living. Reasonably priced housing alternatives, easily accessible local markets, and reasonably priced services all help citizens lead reasonable lives.

Lusaka, Zambia

Ahmedabad's reputation as one of the most affordable cities in India is a result of its accessible housing, moderately priced goods, and street cuisine that is both inexpensive and tasty, giving people an economical urban experience.

Ahmedabad, India

Lagos provides a choice of reasonable living options, from moderately priced apartments to easily accessible markets, despite being a bustling commercial hub. This helps its citizens lead relatively economical lives.

Lagos, Nigeria

Chennai is a desirable city for individuals looking for an affordable urban lifestyle because of its affordable housing alternatives, street cuisine that is affordable, and competitively priced daily essentials.

Chennai, India