What will different countries look like during Christmas?


The Philippines has the longest Christmas season of any place in the world. The city of San Fernando hosts the Ligligan Parul (Giant Lantern Festival), which lights up the night sky, making it the "Christmas Capital of the Philippines."


Christmas in Japan is celebrated with various activities, including eating Kentucky Fried Chicken and decorating homes with Christmas decorations. Also the entire country is shining with blue and yellow lights.


The country believes in the existence of a giant Yule Cat, who is said to roam the countryside at Christmas time. Locals wear new clothes to avoid being eaten by the Yule cat.


The most beautiful thing about Christmas in Finland is the northern lights (Aurora Borealis) lighting up the sky.


Christmas is celebrated in England with many special traditions. Decorating the tree is a family occasion, and every town, village and neighborhood is decorated with beautifully decorated trees.


Munich is one of the most picturesque Christmas destinations in the world. Winter in Munich means more than two dozen Christmas markets plus a 100-foot-tall Christmas tree at MarienPlatz.