Top 10 most beautiful animals in the world

Tigers are the world's most beautiful apex predators, with their thick, tawny red and black striped coats, bone-crushing fangs, huge, neck-snapping paws, and imperial mien.

Gygis alba, the white tern, has big black eyes and a black bill. It is entirely white. It is also known as the "white noddy," and it can be found along the Pacific Ocean's beaches. Its wingspan is between 30 and 34 inches.

Any list of the most beautiful creatures in the world must include the peacock. Its brilliant coloring and the male's enormous train are indisputable.

This stunning, non-venomous snake can be found in the fields and pine forests in the east and south of America. Its body is covered in striking bands of black, red, white, or yellow, and its length ranges from 2 to 4.27 feet.

It is a vivid, pale green with specks of yellow and black. It features a blunt tiny nose, protruding golden eyes, and horizontal black pupils.

The colors of these sea slugs without shells are like a rainbow. They can be found in every ocean on Earth, from the bitterly cold Southern Sea around Antarctica to the frigid Arctic.