Top 10 Korean Action Thrillers To Watch On OTT For The Perfect Rush

Park Chan-wook's revenge story, Oldboy, is notable for its compelling plot and action sequences. via Prime Video.

In order to save a young girl, The Man from Nowhere tracks down a mysterious man in a perilous world. on Netflix.

I Saw the Devil is the story of a brutal thriller following a secret agent's relentless pursuit of a serial killer. On Netflix.

The Villainess portrays an assassin seeking revenge while confronting her past. On Netflix

Intense survival action takes place in a zombie apocalyptic setting on a speeding train in Train to Busan. via Prime Video.

A Bittersweet Life features a stylish action narrative of a man seeking revenge within the criminal underworld. On Prime Video.

The Yellow Sea directed by Na Hong jin, follows a desperate man embroiled in a dangerous mission involving murder and betrayal. On Prime Video

The Chaser is a thriller focusing on a former detective hunting a psychopathic killer. On Netflix

Based on true events, The Outlaws showcases a police crackdown on violent gangs through intense fight sequences and gripping storytelling. On Prime Video

The Berlin File is a spy thriller involving a North Korean agent caught in a web of international espionage. On Netflix.