Top 10 India's safest cities, perfect for solo trip.


Kolkata has topped the chart with IPC Rate of 78.2. The 'City of Joy' offers a colourful ambience with a relatively low crime rate, making it a welcoming destination for solo travellers.


KChennai is number second in the list with an IPC Rate of 173.5. The city focuses on safety, especially on women safety, making it a perfect place for solo travellers.


With an IPC Rate of 211.2, Combatore is on third spot in the list. ISet in the 1 foothills of the Western Ghats, the city is noted for its peaceful environment. Solo travellers can explore the city's temples and museums.


Surat secured the fourth spot in the list with an IPC Rate of 215.3. It is a city with a strong economic base, bustling markets, and utmost emphasis on cleanliness.


Pune, with an IPC Rate of 219.3, is in fifth position. The city is an education hub and offers a safe haven for solo travellers. With its green spaces and welcoming atmosphere, Pune is a popular choice for those exploring on their own.


Hyderabad, the City of Pearls is about historical sites, biryani, and the booming IT sector and a lot more. The city secured an IPC Rate of 266.7.


Hyderabad, the City of Pearls is about historical sites, biryanBengaluru received an IPC score of 337.3 and the city offers a cosmopolitan environment with a focus on safety.


With a rich history and a reputation for safety, Ahmedabad attracts solo travellers to explore its architectural beauties, colourful markets, and other cultural heritage. The city received an IPC Rate of 360.1.


Mumbai secured the ninth spot on the prestigious list with a rate of 376.3. The bustling metropolis is noted for its fast-paced lifestyle and solo travellers can experience the city's iconic landmarks.


Kozhikode offers a safe environment for solo travellers and has secured an IPC Rate of 397.5.