1. Appear for Other Engineering Entrance Exams

Various engineering entrance exams provide opportunities to gain admission to well- regarded institutions. These exams include BITSAT, VITEEE, as well as state-level engineering entrance exams like WBJEE (West Bengal), MHTCET (Maharashtra), KEAM (Kerala), and more.

2. Explore Other Options in Pure Sciences

If you're into science but not necessarily engineering, think about getting a B.Sc. degree in subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, or Computer Science. These degrees can lead to different research, teaching, and industry chances.

3. Consider Professional Degrees in Similar Fields

There are a few other degrees that can lead to fulfilling careers in fields related to engineering, like B.Arch, Merchant Navy, and Pilot Training.

4. Widen Your Horizons With Arts & Commerce Stream

Don't stick only to STEM fields. Check out other areas that interest you, such as BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce), and Law.

5. Take a Drop Year & Enroll in JEE Repeaters Batch

If you're really set on acing the JEE Mains, think about taking a gap year and joining a focused coaching program. It can boost your understanding of concepts, enhance your test-taking abilities, and improve your chances of success in the next try.

6. Look for Alternative Study Options

There are lots of diploma and certification courses that teach job-ready skills in different areas. Look into options that match your interests and check out vocational training schools or polytechnics.

7. Pursue Entrepreneurship

If you've got a business idea and the determination to make it work, think about starting your own company. There are lots of places called incubation centers and resources out there to help people who want to start businesses.

8. Join the Armed Forces

The Indian Armed Forces provide tough yet fulfilling careers through programs like NDA, CDS, AFCAT, and other ways to join.

9. Consider Creative Fields

Discover your creative side by exploring fields such as fashion design, graphic design, animation, filmmaking, or photography. Think about taking specialized courses or degrees in these subjects.

10. Take a Break and Re-evaluate

At times, pausing to think and explore what interests you can uncover unexpected insights. Travel, volunteer, or get work experience to figure out what you really want for your future goals.