Self-Proclaimed Nations Of The World

They are created as a form of philosophical experiment, a political protest, artistic expression or for fun. They are not recognised by UN

There are 80 micronations in the world and some have their own currency, constitution, and armies

Kailasa, named after Mt Kailash, was founded by self-styled godman Nithyananda and is located near the islands in Ecuador

Rajneeshpuram was set up by Indian spiritual guru, Rajneesh, in Oregon, US. It was incorporated as a city in 1980s

Liberland, located between Croatia and Serbia, is believed to have been established by Wit Jedlica, a Czech politician in 2015

Snake Hill was founded in 2003 after some Australian residents decided to secede from the nation after not being able to pay taxes

Kingdom of Elleore is located on the island of Elleore on the Danish island of Zealand. It has claimed independence since 1944

Molossia in Nevada, US, has only a population of 38 citizens. Onions and spinach are banned in this micronation

Atlantium, the smallest micronation in Australia, has 3,000 citizens, spread across more than 100 countries