Most searched films on Google in 2023


A man fights a terrifying criminal to make amends for society's wrongs, motivated by revenge and an unfulfilled vow.

Gadar 2

In order to free his father Tara Singh, Jeete must make his way through a treacherous maze in Pakistan.


The story explores the role that American physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer played in developing the atomic weapon.


Raghav, the Kosala prince, makes an effort to save his spouse Janaki from the demon ruler Lankesh.


While Indian secret agent Pathaan creates a special team, a Pakistani general assembles a private terror organization for operations in India.

The Kerala Story

College student Shalini from Kerala is in trouble as her faith, relationships, and identity are destroyed by religious terrorism.


In order to stop the leader of the gang from escaping from prison, jailer Muthuvel Pandian confronts their escape plan.


A drug cartel entangles the tranquil life of a café owner, causing devastation in his wake.

Tiger 3

Tiger and Zoya return, fighting for their family and country. This time, it's deeply personal.


A prodigal son who inherits his father's empire has to redeem himself and heal the rift in his family.