Hyundai Creta EV Cheapest Electric Car with 475 Km Range

Hyundai is getting ready to launch a cool new electric car called the Creta EV. It's like the Scorpio Electric and can go as far as 475 km on one charge

The Creta EV looks awesome, with fancy LED lights and a special closed grille just for electric cars.

The design is a bit like the regular Creta but with some tweaks to make it stand out.

Inside, it's super fancy too. The car has cool wheels and features like a screen for music

stuff, comfy ventilated seats, a voice-controlled sunroof, and air control that's automatic. It's like being in the future when you're inside this car!

Safety is a big deal in the Creta EV. It has lots of airbags, parking help, and even a camera at the back.

The car has a powerful battery that can make it go up to 450 km without needing more charge. That's more than many other electric cars out there.

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