From Iran To India, 10 Oldest Countries On Earth

1. Iran - 3200 BCE

Iran, historically known as Persia, has a rich history dating back to ancient times, with civilizations such as Elam and the Persian Empire.

2. Egypt - 3100 BCE

Ancient Egypt is renowned for its pharaonic civilization, including the pyramids, temples, and other monumental structures.

3. Vietnam - 2879 BCE

Vietnam has a long history of ancient cultures, such as the Đông Sơn culture and later the Đại Việt civilization.

4. Armenia - 2492 BCE

Armenia boasts a history that includes the Kingdom of Urartu and the Kingdom of Armenia, among others.

5. North Korea - 2333 BCE

While the Korean Peninsula has ancient roots, North Korea as a distinct political entity is a more recent development.

6. China - 2070 BCE

China has one of the world's oldest continuous civilizations, with a history that includes the Xia, Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties, among others.

6. China - 2070 BCE

India has a rich and diverse history, with civilizations such as the Indus Valley Civilization, Vedic civilization, Maurya Empire, Gupta Empire, and numerous others.

8. Georgia 1 1300 BCE

Georgia, situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, has a history marked by various kingdoms and empires.

9. Israel - 1300 BCE

Israel has ancient roots dating back to biblical times, with the Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judah being notable historical entities.

10. Sudan - 1070 BCE

Sudan has a rich history, including the ancient Kingdom of Kush, which ruled over Nubia and Egypt for a significant period.