Foods to avoid at night for good sleep

Spicy Foods

Steer clear of spicy meals since they can induce dyspepsia and discomfort at night.

Heavy and Greasy Foods

Avoid heavy and fatty foods to avoid bloating and digestive problems.

Caffeine-rich Drinks

Steer clear of tea and energy drinks to avoid disturbing your sleep.

Sugary Treats

Sugary snacks should be avoided as they can cause energy surges and interfere with sleep.


Drinking too much alcohol might throw off your sleep schedule and cause restless nights.

Acidic Foods

Acidic meals and citrus fruits can induce heartburn, which might interfere with sleep.

High-Protein Meals

Choose lower-fat protein sources to prevent stomach issues right before bed.

Excessive Water

Reduce water consumption right before bed to avoid making numerous trips to the restroom.