Principles of Ikigai

The writers of THE BOOK OF ICHIGO ICHIE, best-selling Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles wrote the book Ikigai, but the Japanese concept of Ikigai has taken the globe by storm with its values and concepts that support a more holistic way of living. Ikigai, who explains the four components of a successful life, has become a sensation.

Explaining in brief

In ten phrases, we will summarize the book and its main ideas here.

The 4 elements

Imagai is based on four fundamental parts: what you love to do, what you are good at, what the world needs, and what you can get paid for. The intersection of these factors is said to be the key to living a happy and meaningful life.

First element - Passion

Ikigai is really about discovering and comprehending your passion. This entails identifying the pursuits that offer you happiness, excitement, and a profound sense of fulfillment.

Second element - What you are good at

Ikigai contends that a "full" life depends critically on matching your everyday pursuits with your abilities and capabilities. This entails realizing your abilities and using them to the endeavors you have selected. These interests may manifest as lucrative hobbies or professions.

Third element - How you can use it

Another aspect of Ikigai is finding meaning in improving the lives of others. Ikigai urges people to think about how their activities positively affect the environment around them in addition to being about discovering who they are.

Final element - Can your passion pay you?

While the talks about 'Finding your passion' are important, it is equally important to sustain yourself. So, Ikigai also recognises the practical aspect of sustaining oneself financially. It encourages individuals to explore how their skills and passions can generate them income.

Harmony and balance

Ikigal assists individuals in realizing the value of balance in life. Combining these four components is suggested by the book and concept as the secret to leading a balanced and contented existence in which you don't feel as like you've lost out on anything or anywhere.


Self-awareness is an important part of Ikigai. Regularly looking back on your values, desires and goals and looking at how they have helped in refining you can help you in being even more successful in having a more purposeful life.

Focus on well-being

Ikigai is about more than simply professions and ways to get money; it's about life in general. It promotes a wholistic view of wellbeing, viewing mental, emotional, and physical well-being as essential components of living a fulfilling life.

How far "Ikigai' as spread

Despite having its roots in Japanese culture, Ikigai has become well-known throughout the world as a guiding concept for meaningful living, professional decisions, and personal growth.