China launches its secret spacecraft again! Even Chinese people are unaware of its mission

China secretly launches experimental reusable spacecraft

China has achieved the third successful launch of its experimental reusable spacecraft, showcasing its commitment to advancing space capabilities while keeping mission details tightly guarded.

Launch site in the Gobi Desert

The spacecraft was launched into low Earth orbit by a Long March 2F rocket from the Gobi Desert's Juquan Satellite Launch Center, according to Chinese state media Xinhua.

Mission details withheld

China has opted to maintain secrecy surrounding the mission, offering no launch schedule or technical details, despite its success.

Verification of reusable technologies

It is expected that the spacecraft will carry out activities in orbit, confirming reusable technology in line with international trends in space research.

Return to designated landing site

After orbital operations, the spacecraft is scheduled to land back at a pre-designated location in China.

Secrecy maintained by China

Even after the project's successful launch, China hasn't given the public any pictures or any information, preferring to keep it under wraps.

Spacecraft type

The spacecraft, which is thought to be a spaceplane, uses the same kind of rocket that China uses for its crewed Shenzhou missions, providing hints about its possible size and capabilities.

Aligning with broader space ambitions

The creation of this reusable spacecraft underscores China's resolve to remain at the forefront of international space endeavors and fits in well with the country's larger goals in space exploration and technology.

Global trend towards reusable space vehicles

Similar to projects like SpaceX's Starship, Blue Origin's New Glenn, and India's recently tested Reusable Launch Vehicle, China's secret spaceplane project reflects the global trend of constructing reusable space vehicles. The mission's secret nature heightens the mystery surrounding China's space technological breakthroughs.