Mango chia seeds smoothie Mango is not only tasty but healthy too. Chia seeds are loved for their weight loss benefits and together they come to give you full nutrition.

Banana chia seeds smoothie Banana has protein packed in it and keeps you full for a long time, and so do chia seeds. This makes the smoothie a great weight loss drink.

Blueberry chia seeds smoothie Blueberry is full of antioxidants, while chia seeds have soluble fibres that reduce hunger pangs. Blend this with Greek yogurt.

Detox green smoothie All you need is a bit of pineapple, banana, spinach, and chia to pull this together. It is full of nutrients.

Avocado and kiwi smoothie Avocado is a powerhouse of good fats and protein, while kiwi provides vitamin C. They come together to become the perfect weight loss drink.

Banana, chia, spinach smoothie Banana is filled with proteins, while spinach and chia seeds are two of the most powerful foods for weight loss.

Berry smoothie As mentioned above, berries are full of nutrients and antioxidants. The fibres in chia seeds will help you be full for long and lose weight.

Berry ginger smoothie This smoothie features berries of your choice, greek yogurt, cinnamon and chia seeds. All of these contribute to weight loss.