Location of the bed

The bed must always be placed in the south, west, or south-west corner of the bedroom so that one's head must also point in the same direction.

Use Light coloured bed sheets

Use plain or light-colored bed sheets in shades of pink, white or brown as they help the ground and relax you after a hard day's work. Avoid too many geometrical designs and blue/black k coloured sheets in your bedroom.

Switch off electronic gadgets

Ensure to switch off all electronic gadgets like laptops, cell phones, television, and radio at least an hour before you sleep to avoid radiation in your space.

Listen to soft music

Listening to very soft tunes of music just before sleeping is recommended to diffuse stress and align the body's energies for drifting into a peaceful sleep.

Burn Rose and Jasmine Oil

Burning a blend of rose and jasmine oil will help induce sleep and reduce insomnia.

Bed should not have storage beneath it

Make sure that there is no storage under or below the bed as it disrupts the energy field resulting in highly disturbed sleep.

Don't sleep with head towards north

Under any circumstances, one must never have their head pointing toward the north during sleep. The prime reason being that north is a positive direction and the crown chakra above our head is also positive and when two positives interact, they give out a negative vibe. Sleeping in this direction leads to bad dreams and a drain in energy, says Ashna.

Bed should not face the door

One must also ensure they are not sleeping in a position where there is a door in front or behind you, as it is considered very inauspicious as per Vastu. This can lead to casualties and deterioration of health.

Bed should not face a mirror or glass

If there are any mirrors or reflecting surface such as a TV screen, then it should be removed or covered up with cloth or paper. Vastu says that one must avoid seeing one's own reflection while sleeping or while waking up from sleep.