9 deadliest plants and trees in the world

Angels trumpet

The bell-shaped flowers of an angel's trumpet plant, despite their attractive appearance, contain poisonous tropane alkaloids that can cause severe hallucinations and can be poisoned.

Manchineel tree

The Manzanilla de la Muerte, a dangerous tree native to Caribbean coasts, produces potentially fatal fruit and milky sap causing allergic reactions and blisters.

Suicide tree

The suicide tree, Cerbera odollym, found in India and Southern Asia, is named after people committing suicide by eating its fruits.

Bunya pine cones

Bunya pine cones, weighing up to 10 kilograms, are dangerously heavy and can cause serious injuries when falling from branches in Queensland, Northeast Australia.

Milky mangroves

Milky mangroves, a 15m tall shrub or tree, are found in New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, and Western Australia. They cause skin blisters and blindness.

The oleander plant

The oleander plant, despite its toxic properties like saponins, cardiac glycosides, and oleandrin, is used in medicine due to its potential to cause visual disturbances and irregular heartbeats…

Hura crepitans

Hura crepitans, a native of the Amazonian Rainforest, is renowned for its pointed spines and poisonous sap, causing skin rashes in tropical regions.

The yew tree

The yew tree, containing taxin, is toxic, with the red berry part being edible. Its timber, used for bows and tool handles, is estimated to be 400,000 years old.


Tobacco, a widely grown non-food plant, contains toxic alkaloids like nicotine and anabasine, causing over 5 million deaths annually, making it potentially the most deadly plant.