8 countries with largest Hindu populations

India's Predominance

With the largest Hindu population in the world, India is responsible for maintaining centuries-old cultural legacy.

Nepal's Significance

Nepal, with Hinduism as its predominant religion, becomes an important center for the Hindu community.

Bangladesh's Cultural Mosaic

Bangladesh has a sizable Hindu population, which contributes to the country's diversity.

Indonesia's Diversity

Indonesia showcases a noteworthy Hindu population, particularly in Bali, contributing to cultural richness.

Pakistan's Mosaic

Hindus constitute a significant minority in Pakistan, playing a role in the nation's cultural tapestry.

Sri Lanka's Embrace

Hinduism is incorporated into Sri Lankan customs and is particularly prevalent in the country's eastern and northern provinces.

Mauritius' Cultural Tapestry

The varied cultural fabric of Mauritius is shaped by the significant influence of Hinduism.

Trinidad and Tobago's Religious Landscape

Hinduism contributes to the varied religious panorama of Trinidad and Tobago.