8 animals only found in Nepal

Spiny Babbler

Endemic bird known for spiky appearance, inhabits scrub and thorn forests of central Himalayas.

Red Panda

Eastern Himalayan tree-dwelling mammal with red fur and a bushy tail.

Snow Leopard

Elusive mountain cat with thick fur, remarkable agility, inhabits high Himalayan ranges.

Himalayan Monal

Colorful pheasant species with iridescent plumage, found in Himalayan region.

Nepal Gray Langur

Long-tailed, gray-furred langur that inhabits a variety of wooded areas.

Spotted Linsang

Small carnivorous mammal with spots, nocturnal, found in forests.


A species of critically endangered crocodile that lives in rivers and has a narrow snout. It is specialized in eating fish.

Himalayan Musk Deer

Solitary deer with musk-producing males, found in mountainous regions.