7  Serial Killer Korean Dramas Movies


A detective with a dark past and a rookie profiler join forces to track down a cunning serial killer.


In a future where psychopaths can be predicted by genetic engineering, a detective looks into a string of terrible killings that have a startling relationship to one's own family.


Together with a brilliant profiler, a detective possessing a magical power to read memories works to unravel a string of ritualistic killings.


A dedicated investigator works with a talented voice profiler who uses state-of-the-art technology to solve horrific crimes involving voice patterns.

The Chaser

A desperate ex-cop turned pimp becomes a vigilante to track down his kidnappedase begins daughter, uncovering a horrifying trail of murders.

I Saw the Devil

The distinction between justice and vengeance is blurred when a special agent seeks ruthless retribution against the vicious serial killer who killed his fiancée.


A mystery deliveryman discovers a sinister truth about his affluent boyhood buddy after getting embroiled in a labyrinth of secrets and wants.