Greenland Shark

Lurking in the frigid depths of the Arctic, the Greenland Shark is a master of cold survival, living for up to 500 years. With eyes adapted to darkness and a taste for long-dead prey, this ancient predator whispers tales of a frozen world.

Bowhead Whale

With a lifespan exceeding 200 years, the Bowhead Whale has been navigating cold seas for millennia. With the biggest mouth of any whale, this gentle giant is able to reveal the mysteries of its ancient soul.


Towering over the African savanna, the Giraffe is a gentle giant with a lifespan of up to 30 years. These graceful herbivores, with their long necks and keen eyesight, are an integral part of the savannah ecosystem, browsing on leaves that no other creature can reach.


A shy and elusive creature, the Okapi is often called the 'forest giraffe' due to its long neck and striped coat. Living in the Democratic Republic of Congo's rainforests, these gentle herbivores, with lifespans of up to 20 years, are living symbols of the Congo Basin's hidden treasures.


The platypus, a living enigma, combines the characteristics of birds, reptiles, and mammals. With its poisonous spurs and duck bill, this semi-aquatic marvel has been a feature of Australian rivers for over 115 million years, which bears witness to its distinct evolutionary trajectory.

Red Panda

With its fiery fur and bamboo-munching habits, the Red Panda is a charismatic inhabitant of the Himalayan forests. These arboreal acrobats, estimated to live for up to 20 years, are living reminders of the vibrant biodiversity of Asia's mountain ranges.

Shrew Opossum

Tiny but mighty, the Shrew Opossum packs a powerful bite and a remarkable lifespan of up to 15 years. These little marsupials, native to Central and South America, are masters of adaptation, thriving in diverse habitats from rainforests to grasslands.