7 Films That Changed Indian Cinema

Sholay (1975)

This movie is considered a classic and is credited with changing the trend of Bollywood cinema. It was one of the first Indian movies to have a Western-style plot and introduced the concept of the "angry young man" to Bollywood.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995)

This romantic drama is one of the most°. successful Bollywood movies of all time. It changed the trend of Bollywood cinema by introducing a more modern and realistic portrayal of love and relationships.

Lagaan (2001)

This sports drama was a critical and commercial success and is credited with changing the trend of Bollywood cinema by introducing a new style of filmmaking that focused on realistic settings and characters.

Gully Boy (2019)

This musical drama is one of the most recent examples of a Bollywood movie that has changed the trend of the industry. It introduced a new style of storytelling and is credited with popularizing the genre of rap music in India.

Rang De Basanti (2006)

It is a coming-of-age drama that explores social and political issues in contemporary India. The film resonated with the youth and sparked a wave of political activism. It was praised for its innovative storytelling and bold approach.

Gangs of Wasseypur (2012)

It is a 2 part crime saga that pushed the boundaries of Indian cinema. It brought a gritty and realistic portrayal of violence, crime, and politics to the forefront. The film's nonlinear narrative and unflinching storytelling style challenged conventional norms.

Baahubali: The Beginning (2015)

It is an epic historical fantasy film that captivated audiences with its grand scale and visual effects. The film's success demonstrated the potential of Indian cinema to compete on a global stage. It broke box office records and set new benchmarks for Indian filmmaking