7 animals that don't sleep

Newborn dolphins sleep for a month, with even the mother remaining alert and able to swim while sleeping.

Tachymarptis melba, also known as migratory birds, exhibit remarkable migration habits and can fly continuously for 200 days straight..

Bluefish, also known as Snapper or Tailor, are a high migratory species that seasonally move along the US Atlantic Coast, stopping sleeping during their migration period.

Rhopalocera butterflies, despite their beauty, do not sleep but instead experience a state of torpor, a resting state with a slower heartbeat and lower body temperature.

Orca, also known as Ocrinus Orca or killer whales, spend their first few months without sleep to maintain body warmth, then rest and sleep as they grow.

These magnificent creatures can endure the day with just five minutes of sleep.

Modern science has been fraught with debate over jellyfish's ability to sleep, with experts assuming they lack a centralized brain.