7 animals that can survive in freezing temperatures

Polar Bear

Well-known for its ability to thrive in Arctic climates, polar bears have thick fur and a layer of blubber to insulate them from the cold.

Arctic Fox

This little fox species blends in well with the snow thanks to its thick fur coat, which changes color with the seasons.

Arctic Hare

Like the Arctic fox, the Arctic hare has a thick coat of fur to keep it warm in cold climates.

Musk Ox

These huge, shaggy mammals have thick fur and a thick undercoat to protect them from chilly temperatures; they are adapted to cold climes.

Snowy Owl

Found in Arctic regions, snowy owls have thick plumage and heavily-feathered feet to protect them from the cold.

Emperor Penguin

These recognizable birds have dense fat and densely packed feathers that help keep them warm in freezing conditions, indicating their adaption to living in Antarctica.

Beluga Whale

Belugas are found in Arctic and sub-Arctic waters and have a thick layer of blubber to insulate them from the cold.