5 essential nutrients to have in your 30s

Consume foods rich in iron for carrying out day-to-day tasks. Include green vegetables such as spinach broccoli, and nuts and seeds in your diet to meet the body's iron requirements.


Vitamin D is essential to improve bone health, build immunity and promote hormonal balance. You can have foods such as salmon, sardines, milk or mushrooms to increase vitamin D levels naturally.


Essential nutrients known to enhance brain performance, lower inflammation, and lower the risk of heart disease are omega-3 fatty acids.


Calcium is important for increasing bone density. It also helps improve muscle movement and nerve function. Including dairy products such as milk, yoghurt, or cheese in your diet can help boost calcium levels.


Folate is essential to boost healthy red blood cells. It is also an essential nutrient for pregnant women. Foods including chickpeas, broccoli and nuts contain folate.