5 Best Places to Visit in Greece in 2024

1. Athens Immerse yourself in the cradle of Western civilization, where the iconic Acropolis and Parthenon stand as testaments to ancient Athenian glory.

2. Santorini This volcanic island paradise is famous for its dramatic cliffs, whitewashed houses clinging to the slopes, and breathtaking sunsets.

3. Crete The largest Greek island boasts diverse landscapes, from rugged mountains and Samaria Gorge to idyllic beaches like Elafonissi and Falassarna.

4. Mykonos This cosmopolitan island is a magnet for celebrities and partygoers, with lively beaches like Paradise and Super Paradise, trendy bars and restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife scene.

5. Halkidiki This peninsula in northern Greece boasts three fingers reaching into the Aegean Sea, each with its own unique character.