100% Quality Indian Films

Mahanagar (1963) Satyajit Ray's 'Mahanagar' is an exploration of the new urban space and relations of production of newly independent India. Capturing a transformative period of time, where traditions clash with 'modernity', he presents a story of masculinity in flux and the female agency.

Explorer (1968) It is an extremely short experimental observational documentary by Pramod Pati. This film uses a new cinematic language, to capture the zeitgeist of the youth. It uses chaotic quick cuts and zoom-in, synth music mixed with Hindustani classical, and flashes between religious and scientific imagery.

Duvidha (1973) Based on Rajasthani author Vijaydan Detha's folk tale, this film by Mani Kaul adapts the Indian Folk aesthetic to the cinematic form. It is a mesmerizing ghost tale set in the barren landscape of Rajasthan.

Kummatty (1979) One of Aravindan's greatest works. This magical realist tale about freedom is filled with serene silences embellished only with sounds of swaying rustling grass and broken only with songs of children.

Nainsukh (2010) Inspired with the miniatures painted by its subject, 'Nainsukh', the mise en scene is dictated by the Indian Miniature aesthetic. It paints a portrait of the 18th-century painter with deft strokes.

Laila aur Satt Geet (2020) A folktale adapted to the landscape of modern- day Kashmir by Puspendra Singh. This quietly funny yet serious political film captures the essence and the atmosphere of the place, through the story of a young woman named Laila of the Gujjar-Bakarwal tribe and the men who surround her.

Vasudaiv Kutumbakam (2023) Anand Patwardhan's most recent films tells the interwoven tale of his family, political lineage of the freedom struggle and history of the country. Edited with footage and photographs taken over decades, family albums and archives, it is a poignant and emotional film where he turns the camera on himself.