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LAKSHADWEEP Lakshadweep, A Tropical Archipelago In The Arabian Sea, Is Known For Its Pristine Beauty And Coral Reefs. Comprising 36 Islands, It's The Smallest Union Territory Of India, Famous For Its Turquoise Lagoons, White Sandy Beaches And Diverse Marine Life

AGATTI ISLAND The Most Accessible Spots In The Lakshadweep, And The Most Prominent Tourist Spot With An Airport. Revel In The White Sandy Beaches And Vibrant Marine Life

KAVARATTI ISLAND The Ideal Gateway For Nature Lovers, Peaceful And Filled With Greenery And Plantations. Explore The Capital With Its Serene Lagoons, Beautiful Sunsets The Stunning Ujra Mosque

BANGARAM ATOLL One Of The Best Places To Visit In Lakshadweep, Filled With Activities. Immerse Yourself In The Mesmerizing Coral Reefs And Crystal-Clear Waters

MINICOY ISLAND The Cultural Hub Of The Island With Many Great Attractions. Dive Into The Rich Culture, And Discover The Beauty Of Its Expansive Lagoon

KALPENI ISLAND It Has A Popular Ship Trip From Kerela, There Are No Privately Run Resorts And There Is A Lack Of Foreign Tourists. It Is A Great Serene And Secluded Region On The Island

KADMAT ISLAND Scarcely Populated And Rich In Marine Life, Perfect For A Quiet Getaway. Relax On The Pristine Beaches And Enjoy Water Activities Like Deep Sea Diving And Snorkeling In The Clear Lagoon

THINNAKARA ISLAND The Central Hub For Water Sports And Adventures That Feels Like A Private Island With Minimal Hotels. Witness The Breathtaking Sunset And Embrace The Tranquility

ANDROTT ISLAND One Of The Largest Islands In Lakshadweep, The Best Place To Visit For History Buffs. Experience The Historical Significance With The Tomb Of Hazrat Ubaidullah And Ancient Buddhist Ruins

MARINE AQUARIUM, KAVARATTI It Offers An Immersive Experience, Allowing Visitors To Witness An Array Of Colorful Fish, Coral Species, And Other Marine Organisms Native To The Waters Surrounding Lakshadweep

PITTI BIRD SANCTUARY This Sanctuary Is Renowned For Its Diverse Avian Population. Birdwatchers Can Spot A Variety Of Species, Including Seabirds And Migratory Birds, Making It A Paradise For Ornithology Enthusiasts